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about ExxonMobil and our brands Esso en Mobil

This part of our website contains information about the history of the company, the Esso and the Mobil brand and the company's activities in the Benelux and our viewpoints concerning health and safety, business ethics and our standards of business conduct.

We've also reserved an eloborate section on our plants, and other sites, in the Benelux: the two refineries and the chemical sites.

Esso: from 'baby standard' to petrochemical

After the division of the Standard Oil Trust into different 'Baby Standards' in 1911, its European activities were carried on by Jersey Standard.

Mobil: over a century

Until the creation of ExxonMobil in 1999, Mobil Oil operated as an independent oil company, including operations in the Benelux.

Our history and brands

Our activities in the Benelux

ExxonMobil has - compared with the small size of the three countries - a relative high number of plants and other sites in the Benelux.

The policy of Exxon Mobil Corporation is one of strict observance of all laws applicable to its business.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone leaves our plants at the end of each day as healthy as they entered it in the morning

We are commited to achieving superior financial and operating results while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct