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energy outlook

energy & environment

Climate remains today an extraordinarily complex area of scientific study. The risks to society and ecosystems from increases in CO2 emissions could prove to be significant. It is prudent to develop and implement strategies that address the risks, keeping in mind the central importance of energy to the economies of the world.

For decades now, ExxonMobil has worked to ensure company employees and contractors perform their work safely, to improve their standard of health and to protect the environment.

There is increasing evidence that the earth's climate has warmed on average about 0.7 C in the last century.

During the production processes in the refineries and the chemical plants, several gasses are released of which certain concentrations exceeding a certain level can be harmful to the quality of air and environment.

ExxonMobil devotes a great deal of attention and expertise to controlling waste, ground contamination and nuisance.

At ExxonMobil, we're committed to conducting our business in a way that's compatible with the environmental needs of the communities we serve.

The initiative for Responsible Care® was taken in Canada in 1985. The program was designed to encourage better business practices.