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products and services

Read all about our products and services: fuels, chemicals, aviation, natural gas, marine and lubricants & special products

The production and sale of fuels is a core activity at ExxonMobil. The many types of fuel range from gas, diesel and LPG for cars and domestic fuel oil for heating in houses and buildings to heavy fuel oils for power stations and gas oil for industrial applications.
Our fuels are developed to help your car engine to produce better performance. They work at a molecular level to facilitate the removal of the deposits that form in your fuel system (Subject to conditions available at fuelprogress.com).
ExxonMobil has a fine-mesh network of distribution and sales outlets. For loyal customers there is Esso Extras, a unique saving system. For heavy users and owners of car fleets ExxonMobil has developed a multifunctional, practical method of payment: the Esso-Card.

ExxonMobil is a major producer of petrochemical materials. These are produced from petroleum and form the building blocks for the endless range of chemicals we encounter in everyday life, such as packaging material, plastic bottles, synthetic rubber, solvents and other consumer products. ExxonMobil Chemical operates worldwide and has global, regional and local clients.

ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants (F&L) offers some of the most recognized lubricants brands worldwide, known for performance and innovation, respected and relied upon by consumers and businesses alike.