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Do you have bachelor degree and are you interested in working at our company? Please visit our online application system and create an online profile.

For Antwerp Polymers Plant (Zwijndrecht) and Meerhout Polymers Plants:
For more information: Tel: +32-3-543 34 93

For the Antwerp Refinery:
Tel: +32-3-543 34 99 of +32-3-543 34 93 or by e-mail:

For Brussels Regional Head Office (Machelen):
ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical
HR / Site CV
Hermeslaan 2
1831 Machelen
For more information: see contact information in vacancy

For Virton:
ExxonMobil Chemical Films Europe, Inc.
HR / Site CV
Zoning Industriel de Latour
6761 Virton
For more information: Tel: +32-63-24 3211

For Rotterdam Refinery:
Online applications
By Mail:
Esso Nederland
HR / Site CV
Postbus 5125
3197 ZG Botlek Rotterdam
For more information : Tel: +31-10-487 43 01

For Kerkrade:
ExxonMobil Chemical Films Europe Kerkrade B.V.
HR / Site CV
Vestastraat 5
6468 EX Kerkrade
For more information: Tel: +31-45-535 6222