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  • The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040

    How much energy will the world need in 2040 and thereafter? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors such as world population growth, demographic changes and economic development.

  • Basic factors

    We will see China, India and other non-OECD countries – home to seven eighths of the world's population – needing much more energy to fuel economic development and rising living standards.

  • Meeting increasing demand

    Global demand for energy will increase by approximately 25 per cent until 2040. How much and what types of energy will be needed in different countries around the world for travel and commercial shipping, housing, industrial processes and generating electricity?

  • Reducing emissions

    Over the next 25 years, we will see a number of developments resulting from technological progress and political decision making, which will have a major impact on global greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • Meeting future needs

    How will the global demand for energy be sourced? Oil will remain the most important energy source for transport and the production of chemicals. Natural gas will be used more for generating electricity.

  • The importance of energy

    Meeting energy demand in a safe, dependable and affordable way – with the lowest possible risk to and impact on the environment – will require advanced technology, innovation, global energy trading and investments.

  • Videos

    Learn more about the Outlook for Energy from ExxonMobil’s strategic planning experts.

  • Downloads

    Download PDF versions of the Outlook for Energy, graphs, data tables and a glossary.

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