Antwerp refinery restarts four units after maintenance period


Antwerp refinery restarts four units after maintenance period

Since mid-May, a major overhaul took place at the ExxonMobil refinery in Antwerp. Four units were completely shut down for thorough inspection and maintenance repairs. Last weekend, the maintenance period was successfully completed.

For one and a half months, the Antwerp refinery worked around the clock on the maintenance of four units. The work was carried out by a team of 400 employees of contractors and 80 ExxonMobil employees. Such a maintenance period represents a multi-million-dollar investment in both maintenance works and investment projects to increase the efficiency of the refinery. 

Strong safety results

Major maintenance on a regular basis is necessary to keep the installations safe and reliable. The work is carefully planned in advance and carried out as efficient and safely as possible, supported by new practices and digital solutions. We are therefore very pleased that no reportable incident occurred during the maintenance period. In order to support everyone's safety efforts, employees were able to nominate charities for a donation. Thanks to the strong safety performance, six civil society organizations in the Antwerp region received a donation of 1,000 euros. 

Start-up complete

The work went well and the units were restarted in the last few days.  A maintenance period and the start-up afterwards is unfortunately always accompanied by increased traffic in the vicinity of the site, increased flare activity and noise pollution. We would therefore like to thank our neighboring companies for their understanding during this period.