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Sponsoring and contributions

ExxonMobil demonstrates its concern for the community by giving financial support to initiatives that have a positive impact on society. Initiatives are selected mainly on their potential to contribute to this goal.

The application

Since donation or sponsorship identifies ExxonMobil with an initiative, the applying organization must demonstrate a flawless record and wise financial management. An initiative must have no religious or political affiliations. ExxonMobil does not wish to be associated with any religious or political movement. Any contributions are made directly to the organizing or executive body, and not to an intermediary person or organization. Profit seeking organizations will not be considered for financial support.

The activity

It is not possible to make a comprehensive list of the initiatives suitable for support. ExxonMobil would like to be associated with activities related to safety, health, environment, education, community voluntary work and culture.

This perspective does not include sport sponsorship, which tends to have individual or commercial undertones. ExxonMobil's marketing departments, however, do consider applications from the motor sport world on a strictly commercial basis.

ExxonMobil prefers to sponsor projects for a well-defined period. Thus projects extending over several years do not fit in very well with ExxonMobil's policy because annual budget approval is required. We also recommend projects proposals for sponsorship are submitted well in advance. Whether ExxonMobil employees can participate in a project is also a factor to be considered.

The region

In principle, donations and support are given to projects in a region or for the benefit of a region in which ExxonMobil has major installations. These regions are Antwerp, Breda, Brussels, The Hague, Luxembourg and Rotterdam. Exceptions, however, are made for projects with nationwide impact.

Esso gas stations are operated by independent entrepreneurs, who can support local initiatives if they consider this to be opportune.

What we expect in exchange

A donation has some strings attached. Generally, the compensation, which must be in proportion of ExxonMobil's contribution, will be put in writing.

As a rule, ExxonMobil must be the only oil company that supports the project. When ExxonMobil is the main sponsor, a competitor can be a sub-sponsor.

You now have an idea of ExxonMobil's criteria. Between the many requests, a choice must be made. Sadly, we may very well turn down projects that meet all the criteria.