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Our safety philosophy

ExxonMobil implements high safety standards. Our goal for safety is 'zero accidents'. Because of our sustained efforts through the years, we are very close to accomplishing this goal.

Lost-time accidents – accidents/incidents resulting in the forced absence from work of the ExxonMobil personnel or employees of subcontractors involved for more than 24 hours – rarely occur anymore. Wearing personal protective equipment and strictly following work procedures are compulsory.

Safety risks must be eliminated or effectively controlled. We all know that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Making employees as aware as possible of the possible consequences of their own actions is therefore crucial. In order to increase the level of awareness, safety programmes have been set up that focus on the human aspects of work. Colleagues are also encouraged to stimulate each other to work safely. The safety record can be further improved by reporting and investigating all incidents, accidents and near misses, and learning from personal observation.

External safety

Our plants are full of energy and flammable substances. This is of course taken into account in their design. Plant safety is also assured by qualified operators and carrying out professional maintenance on time. In addition to implementing all possible precautions, ExxonMobil has worked out detailed plans for responding quickly and effectively in emergencies with the regional government.