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Our position on climate change

We have the same concerns as people everywhere about how to provide the world with the energy it needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Our position on climate change

    ExxonMobil is taking action to resolve this important challenge to society, and has continually, publicly and transparently researched the risks of climate change, the carbon life-cycle assessment and emission reductions.

  • Driving innovation

    We believe that global energy-related carbon emissions will peak and start to decrease starting around 2030 as energy efficiency spreads and as various carbon-reduction policies are enacted around the world.

  • Addressing climate change

    Society faces a dual energy challenge: we need to expand energy supplies to support economic growth and improve living standards, and we must do so in a way that is environmentally responsible.

  • Meeting global needs

    Energy is the foundation for modern life and the gateway to opportunities and growth for developing countries.

  • Our climate science history

    ExxonMobil is a responsible participant in the discussion on climate change – we will continue to research the issue, support energy efficiency, work to reduce emissions, pursue new technologies and advocate effective policies.

  • Promoting efficiency

    Over the next few decades, population growth, rising living standards – and an unprecedented expansion of the global middle class – are expected to create new demands for energy.