Community engagement

Drive Against Malaria

ExxonMobil supports various organisations around the world that work on the front lines in the fight against malaria. In the Benelux, we support the Anglo-Dutch foundation 'Drive Against Malaria', which focuses on providing aid to the poorest communities in remote areas of Africa.

The Anglo-Dutch foundation 'Drive Against Malaria' was founded by British-born David Robertson in 1998. Together with former Dutch television presenter Julia Samuël, he has been highly successful in combating malaria in the most remote areas of Africa, precisely where the disease is a serious risk to the life and health of vulnerable children in particular. Aid is often provided under extremely difficult conditions. Assisted by a small army of volunteers in the Netherlands, Belgium and on location in Africa, Drive Against Malaria organises the distribution of mosquito nets and malaria treatment, provides information to local communities and sets up treatment teams.