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Our products
Car fuels
We sell our car fuels to distributors that, in turn, sell them to car users via Esso petrol stations. The Esso petrol stations in Belgium and the Netherlands are owned by independent entrepreneurs. They usually combine the sale of our fuels with a shop and/or other services.
Fuel Oil
In Belgium, fuel oil, or domestic heating oil, is used on a large scale as an energy source for heating people's homes and various applications in the agricultural sector.
ExxonMobil produces high-quality mineral and synthetic lubricants under the Mobil brand name. Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil is our company's flagship product. Mobil lubricants are acclaimed all over the world for their innovative performance enhancement. For years, car users have highly rated our products for personal and professional use. Besides lubricating oil for cars and the transport sector, ExxonMobil produces lubricants for specific markets, such as shipping, aviation and general industry.
Chemical products
Different petroleum fractions from the refineries form the raw materials for making petrochemical basic products, such as aromatic, oxo-alcohols and polymers. These products are sold to industrial customers that use them as building blocks for making every type of plastic and for a host of other applications.

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Business divisions

ExxonMobil Benelux operates within oil fields, gas fields, chemicals plants and refineries.

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Our brands

More about our brands ExxonMobil, Esso, Mobil and Mobil 1.

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