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Our history

ExxonMobil is one of the few modern companies that were already operating during the nineteenth century. The current Benelux-based organization has its roots in Antwerp, Rotterdam and the United States.

ExxonMobil today

To survive for more than a century, Esso and Mobil Oil have had to constantly adapt to an ever-changing world.

ExxonMobil chemical: petrochemicals since 1886

All chemicals start their life as an oil fraction. ExxonMobil Chemical is specialized in the production of chemical building blocks for the plastics industry using starting materials from ExxonMobil refineries or its own chemical plants.

Mobil: over a century

Until the creation of ExxonMobil in 1999, Mobil Oil operated as an independent oil company, including operations in the Benelux. The roots of both this company and Exxon (Esso) are found in Rockefeller's Standard Oil Trust.