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In ExxonMobil's technical jargon, all activities related to the exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil are referred to as 'upstream'.

ExxonMobil's Benelux upstream activities take place in the Netherlands via holdings in the NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij) and GasTerra. ExxonMobil has a fifty per cent share in the NAM, as does its competitor Shell. Fifty per cent of GasTerra is owned by the Dutch government, twenty-five per cent by ExxonMobil and twenty-five per cent by Shell.

The NAM's production activities involve the exploration and production of oil and especially natural gas from fields in (for example) Groningen and the North Sea.

The NAM sells the natural gas to GasTerra, which, in turn, sells it to large-scale customers, such as power stations and energy companies. GasTerra is one of the most important players on the European gas market.