The impact of ExxonMobil on the economy and the community of Antwerp

ExxonMobil has been present in Antwerp since 1891. A presence that resonates in different domains. First of all, by creating direct employment and economic added value. But the effect of our presence goes much further. Our investments lead to new opportunities for small and large entrepreneurs, contribute to local projects for the community and result in strong cooperation with our partners.


The impact of ExxonMobil on the economy and the community of Antwerp

Every year, we spend an average of 1.3 billion euro in large and small businesses. This means that other companies and entrepreneurs can also grow. Not only contractors and technical suppliers, but also companies that provide in-house services such as security and catering, as well as start-up self-employment such as a coffee supplier.

ExxonMobil thinks it is important to be an active partner in the environment, nature and society. Delivering a sustainable contribution to the environment of our employees is high on the agenda. That's why we support organization “Natuurpunt”, who conserve nature in our (industrial) environment.

With our partners we work together in the fields of education, safety and innovation. Every year, we organize the Sci-Tech Challenge that challenges students to find innovative solutions around current problems. This way, we hope to win young people over for technology and science. In addition, we support the “Tutoriaatproject” of the University of Antwerp and the Provincial Security Institute, which trains prevention consultants.

As part of the future, we take our responsibilities seriously by investing in innovation and our environment. All these activities are ultimately aimed at a sustainable anchoring, in which we continue to create opportunities for Antwerp and its inhabitants!