Initiatives in Belgium

In Belgium, ExxonMobil supports widely-ranging educational, safety, health and environmental organisations and projects.


Initiatives in Belgium
Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord
We support Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord (North Antwerp Nature Point). The main goal of this non-governmental organisation (the largest in Belgium) is the protection of important habitats, species and landscapes, including those in the Antwerp port area. We are also the patron of the Bospolder nature reserve in Ekeren and our refinery works jointly with Natuurpunt in the annual swallow count.
Provincial Safety Institute (PVI)
For years, we have supported the Provincial Safety Institute (PVI) in Antwerp. The PVI started as an information agency to help prevent industrial accidents, but has expanded to become a widely respected safety training and knowledge centre.
United Fund for Belgium (UFB)
For more than 40 years, we have sponsored the United Fund for Belgium (UFB), which collects and distributes donations made by companies to various Belgian charities.
Tuition Project University of Antwerp
Via the King Baudouin Foundation, we support the Tuition Project of the University of Antwerp, in which university students help immigrant secondary school students with learning disadvantages.