Meerhout polymers plant

The Meerhout Polymers Plant is the largest LDPE manufacturer in Europe and it supplies products to numerous industries. The plant is organisationally twinned with the Zwijndrecht Polymers Plant, which produces special types of polyethylene in relatively small volumes


Meerhout polymers plant

The plant receives its main raw material, ethylene gas, via a pipeline from the storage tank at the refinery complex.

The gas is converted into polyethylene in high-pressure tube reactors. During the production process, the pressure in the reactors can rise up to 3000 bar. The gas is then heated to 200 degrees Celsius. The end product is separated from the non-polymerised ethylene gas at atmospheric pressure. The molten polyethylene is subsequently cooled and exits the process as plastic pellets with a diameter of two millimetres.

The polymers plants' products are used to make, for example, (food) packaging and plastic carrier bags. Because polyethylene is manufactured in a closed system, the production process is fairly environmentally friendly.

Increasingly more sustainable

In collaboration with the European Technology Centre in Brussels, the two polymers plants work constantly on improving their products to stay abreast of current trends. Packaging foils are becoming increasingly stronger, thinner and more sustainable. For the production of – some ultra-thin – foil less and less material is needed, which has led to reductions in transport operations and waste. High-quality plastic packaging plays an important role in extending the shelf-life of perishable food and preventing spoilage.

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