Community engagement

ExxonMobil in Rotterdam

Our presence in Rotterdam has an impact on the city, the region and its inhabitants. We offer jobs, including indirectly to contractors who work with and for us. We also support other companies and entrepreneurs in their growth and support local projects for the community.

The impact of ExxonMobil on the economy and the inhabitants of Rotterdam

ExxonMobil has been present in Rotterdam since 1891, which has an impact on Rotterdam, the city and its inhabitants. First of all, by creating direct employment and economic added value. But the impact goes much further. Our presence offers jobs also indirectly, through contractors who work for and with us. It contributes to local projects for the community and results in strong cooperation with partners. Take the local bakery, the florist, or the people in the company restaurant or security.
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Initiatives in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, ExxonMobil supports widely-ranging educational, safety, health and environmental organisations and projects.
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