Community engagement

Volunteer work

We hold employees who do volunteer work for social and community organisations in high esteem. This is why the organisations in which our employees are involved as volunteers receive financial support.

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ExxonMobil Volunteer Fund

Employees who contribute to society in their free time without receiving any personal gain can request financial support from the ExxonMobil Volunteer Fund for the organisation or project in which they are active. The ExxonMobil Volunteer Fund focuses on volunteer organisations dedicated to education or science, improving living environments, people with a handicap, the elderly and underprivileged, combating discrimination, protecting human rights and the environment, and/or stimulating culture and youth activities.


Hope*A was set up a few years ago at the initiative of employees of the polymer plants in Zwijndrecht and Meerhout to support various projects not only financially, but also with practical, hands-on volunteer work. The employees involved personally select organisations that they wish to support and find volunteers among their colleagues for these organisations' activities.