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ExxonMobil has a relatively large number of production plants and other business locations in the Benelux. This is mainly due to the favourable geographical position of the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, but the high population density and the strong economies of the Benelux countries are also important factors.

ExxonMobil Belgium locations


ExxonMobil's Belgian production plants are located in the Antwerp region. The refinery, which is integrated with the Performance Intermediates Plant, is situated in the port area. The two polyethylene plants are located in Zwijndrecht and Meerhout. There are depots for Esso fuels in Antwerp, Sclessin (Liège) and Doornik.

ExxonMobil Netherlands locations

The Netherlands

The head office of the Benelux organisation is situated in Breda. The production plants are located in the Rotterdam port area. 

ExxonMobil Luxembourg locations


In Luxembourg, ExxonMobil has an office and a storage depot for Esso fuels.