In Luxembourg, ExxonMobil has an office and a storage depot for Esso fuels.

Esso Luxembourg

Because of the favourable fiscal climate, fuel prices at petrol stations in Luxembourg are significantly lower than they are in surrounding countries. As a result, it is not uncommon for people from Belgium, Germany and France to hop across the border to fill up and shop cheaply.

An office and a storage depot for Esso fuels are situated in Bertrange. The depot is a 'sleeping facility'. In other words, it is only used for storing fuels as required under Luxembourg's statutory requirements in this respect. Esso petrol stations are supplied via other depots.

Esso Luxembourg S.AR.L.
20, rue de l'industrie
L-8069 Bertrange

Tel.: +352/31 78 20-1
Fax: +352/31 82 26