ExxonMobil donates disinfectant gel to healthcare workers

Belgian healthcare group Santhea contacted ExxonMobil with an urgent request for disinfectant hand gels needed for its more than 56.000 health care workers.

As a petrochemical company, ExxonMobil runs the world’s largest isopropyl alcohol (IPA) plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (United States). IPA is one of the basic components of medical disinfectants, but also of alcohol wipes and disinfectant sprays.

To be able to respond to Santhea’s urgent request, ExxonMobil worked together with its local distributor, Anno, to mix IPA to make hand sanitizer in Antwerp. Anno took care of the processing, packaging and delivery. Together we were able to donate 6500 liters of disinfectant. Santhea is taking care of the distribution of the 5-liter bottles to the different health care institutions.

Santhea is active in Brussels and Wallonia and represents 37 hospitals, more than 100 care institutions for the elderly and about 30 mental healthcare institutions. Yves Smeets, Director-General of Santhea: “Our organizations were confronted with shortages of disinfectant gels very quickly. However, these gels are essential for the safety of health care workers and their patients. Donations like these help us maintain the safety requirements. In addition, we are energized by the solidarity we are seeing.”

“With this donation, we want to support healthcare workers who are in the frontlines fighting the COVID-19 virus every day. They have to be able to count on a safe work environment and we want to make sure they, just like our own employees, can go home to their families in good health after a day’s work or the end of their shift,” said Jan Michielsen, CEO of ExxonMobil Benelux.

To continue support for Santhea, ExxonMobil and its partners are looking into the possibility of other deliveries in the short term. Consultations with other health authorities, also in Flanders, on how the provision of IPA can alleviate personal as well as general hygiene needs are ongoing.