The impact of ExxonMobil on the economy and the inhabitants of Rotterdam

ExxonMobil has been present in Rotterdam since 1891, which has an impact on Rotterdam, the city and its inhabitants. First of all, by creating direct employment and economic added value. But the impact goes much further. Our presence offers jobs also indirectly, through contractors who work for and with us. It contributes to local projects for the community and results in strong cooperation with partners. Take the local bakery, the florist, or the people in the company restaurant or security.


The impact of ExxonMobil on the economy and the inhabitants of Rotterdam

Every year, we spend an average of 1.2 billion euro in large and small businesses, which means that we let businesses and entrepreneurs grow. Companies that provide in-house services, such as catering and security, as well as local entrepreneurs like the bakery or florist.

We are part of our environment, nature and society. Delivering a sustainable contribution to the environment of our employees is high on the agenda. We support “Spijkenisse Festival”, “Jeugdstad Vlaardingen”, and “Speelnatuur”, a nature playground of “Natuurmonumenten” on the island ‘Tiengemeten’ in the Rotterdam area, where children can play with dirt and playfully discover nature.

With our partners we work together in the fields of education, safety and innovation. Every year, we organize the Sci-Tech Challenge that challenges students to find innovative solutions around current problems. This way, we hope to win young people over for technology and science. In addition, we support the Educational Information Centre in Rozenburg, where pupils see and experience the port of Rotterdam and can discover the many possibilities to work there.

We are part of the future and take our responsibility seriously, by investing in innovation and our environment. Whether it concerns employment, cooperation, or supporting local initiatives, the activities of ExxonMobil are ultimately aimed at a sustainable anchoring, in which we continue to create opportunities for the Rotterdam region and its inhabitants!