Antwerp Performance Intermediates Plant

The Antwerp Performance Intermediates Plant is one of the largest and most modern plants in Europe that produces liquid hydrocarbons. The plant has been completely integrated with the refinery as part of an initiative to maximise efficiency.


Antwerp Performance Intermediates Plant

The APIP’s products have a widely-varied range of applications. They form additives in (lubricating) oil and fuel, or solvents in products with all sorts of domestic, industrial and agricultural uses, such as polishes, cosmetics, sealants and glues, car paint and agricultural chemicals.

The product assortment frequently changes in line with the steadily increasing demand for products with specific properties. In close collaboration with the Technology Centre in Brussels, the plant develops new, innovative, high-quality liquid chemicals that improve, for example, health, safety, the environment and comfort.

High-quality drill lubricants

In 2016, the plant put a new fractionation tower into operation, which has increased the production capacity for high-quality drill lubricants. These products are used in oil and gas production to cool the drill bit, to carry bore dust to the surface and to apply back pressure on the rock formation being drilled into. Partly because of their good biodegradability, demand for these user-friendly, low-aromatic liquids is continually rising.

A transhipment terminal for ethylene is also located on the plant's premises. The ethylene is primarily supplied by the ExxonMobil Chemical plant in Fife (Scotland) and is pumped from the storage tank to the ExxonMobil's polyethylene plants in Zwijndrecht and Meerhout.

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Antwerp Performance Intermediates Plant
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