Pernis Lube Oil Blending Plant

The Pernis Lubricant Plant - or Lube Oil Blending Plant - produces various types of engine oil for cars and lubricants for industrial applications.

The plant mixes base oils and special additives to make hundreds of lubricants for widely ranging purposes. Each lubricant has its own specifications and preparation method. The products vary from high-viscosity engine oil to ultra-fine lubricants for wind turbines. All the products are subjected to extensive quality assurance testing in the plant's laboratory. The Pernis Lube Oil Blending Plant only makes mineral-oil products; the synthetic lubricants for customers in the Benelux are imported from ExxonMobil plants in France and Finland.

The lubricants are transported via pipelines to inland waterway barges or tanker trucks, or they are stored in the warehouse in barrels and cans before they are collected.

Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis

The Lube Oil Blending Plant has its own laboratory that analyses oil samples. Customers from all over the world can send a bottle of used oil to the lab, where a series of tests is performed. With a scanning tool incorporated in a special app, customers can couple the test results to a specific machine. They can monitor the analyses on line and obtain tailored advice. The laboratory technicians can derive a large amount of information from the composition of the oil: is the engine worn? Does it contain seawater, or particles of aluminium from the bearings? And is the composition of the oil still optimal to enable it to perform as required? This kind of information benefits customers and helps prevent damage to machines.

ExxonMobil Lube Oil Blending Plant

Butaanweg 161
3196 KC Pernis
Havennummer 3018
Postbus 160
3190 AD Hoogvliet
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)10 - 496 1000

VAT number: NL.0010.27.311.B01
Company reg. no.: 27004771
Registered office: Breda


Various lubricants for:
general industry, for example, Mobilgears, Spartan's, Teresstic, Nuto, DTE 20, Vacuoline, Mobil SHC, Mobilgrease;
car engines, for example, Mobil 1, Esso Ultra, Delvac;
shipping, for example, Mobilgard  

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