ExxonMobil and staff support the Red Cross in Belgium and the Netherlands

The impact that the coronavirus outbreak is having on our society and economy is enormous, but it is the personal repercussions and stories that touch us the most. ExxonMobil employees in the Benelux are supporting the many volunteers by donating, together with the company, € 47.000 to the Red Cross.

“It was clear from the outset that the staff wanted to lend a helping hand in these unprecedented and challenging times. We're extremely proud of their commitment and have decided to donate € 15.000 to the Red Cross in Belgium and the Netherlands each,” says Jan Michielsen, CEO of ExxonMobil in the Benelux. “We gave our employees the chance to add their own personal contribution.” Employees donated another € 17.000. “We're grateful that so many of our colleagues supported this initiative and we're proud to be able to donate the nice figure of € 47.000.” 

Through the combined donation to the Red Cross, we are supporting volunteers and their vital aid in both countries in the fight against COVID-19. The aid ranges from patient transport, care for the elderly, organising food deliveries, through to supporting for nurses, the elderly and residents of care institutions and providing psychosocial care.

Several ExxonMobil employees are also involved with the Red Cross as volunteers, such as Arnold Choi and Pieter Mettepenningen. They work at our refineries in Rotterdam and Antwerp, and have both been dedicating their time to the Red Cross even before the corona crisis; Arnold in Haaglanden region (Netherlands), Pieter in Hamme (Belgium). Their commitment is an example for all of us, especially in these times when they are needed the most.

“Arnold and Pieter aren't the only ones, of course”, says Michielsen. “A lot of our staff work as volunteers to help the community. We are proud of their devoted effort, which they do in their own time on top of their job. Let's not forget that our staff work very hard, even more so in these difficult times, not only to keep the supply of energy to households and businesses going, but also to produce the chemical raw materials that are currently so urgently needed to make protective equipment and disinfectants in the healthcare sector”.

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