Antwerp polymers plant

The polymers plants in Zwijndrecht and Meerhout are in fact complementary. In order to optimise the strengths of both plants, they have been organisationally twinned.


Antwerp polymers plant

The plant in Zwijndrecht produces low density polyethylene (LDPE). Ethylene gas is converted into polymers in high-pressure reaction vessels. During the polymerisation reaction, ethylene gas molecules bind together to form long chains; as a result, the gas is converted into a solid, plastic.

The plant is a highly flexible production unit and supplies more than a hundred different products to numerous industries that use them to make, for example, laminated paper and cardboard, foil wrapping, food packaging and plastic carrier bags. Polymers from the plant are also processed in, among other things, plastic sheeting used in agriculture, adhesives and golf balls.

Solar panels

The plant also makes the base material for the hi-tech EVA foil used in solar panels. This foil is used between the outer glass pane and cell level. The foil insulates and protects the cells from moisture and other weather influences, increasing their lifespan to ten or as much as thirty years.

Increasingly more sustainable

In collaboration with the European Technology Centre in Brussels, the two polymers plants work constantly on improving their products to stay abreast of current trends. Packaging foils are becoming increasingly stronger, thinner and more sustainable. For the production of – some ultra-thin – foil less and less material is needed, which has led to reductions in transport operations and waste. High-quality plastic packaging plays an important role in extending the shelf-life of perishable food and preventing spoilage.

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Antwerp Polymers Plant
Canadastraat 20
2070 Zwijndrecht
Haven 1007

Tel.: +32 (0)3/670.31.11

Registered office:
Polderdijkweg, 2030 Antwerp
VAT BE 0416.375.270
RPR Antwerp
BoA Antwerp EUR 685-6689016-61


Polyethylene, LDPE and polyethylene co-polymers
EscoreneTM, EscorenceTM Ultra EVA, Polybilt
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