EMEA Headquarters Brussels

The office building in Brussels (Machelen) houses ExxonMobil's regional headquarters for Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA) and the European Technology Center for research and development.

The regional headquarters accommodates staff departments and most of the business units of ExxonMobil’s business divisions Product Solutions and Low Carbon Solutions. They are responsible for coordinating all the business units in the EMEA region and maintain contact with ExxonMobil's other regional headquarters.

European Technology Center

The European Technology Center (ETC) researches applied process and product technology, and pioneers the development of business planning options. The ETC provides technology support for ExxonMobil's Product Solutions’ business and supports advocacy activities in the area of Low Carbon Solutions business. In-depth expertise exist at ETC covering:

  • Determining physical properties, chemical composition, molecular structure of chemicals, linking it with the performance of the materials;
  • Use of lab and pilot scale equipment for the simulation of production processes that we can upscale for commercial use in our production facilities;
  • State-of-the-art apparatus for catalyst development and analysis; supported by a broad range of advanced characterization techniques;
  • Equipment for processing polymers on a commercial scale to simulate the use of our polymer products by our customers. This involves, among other things, film blowing, casting and lamination.

The specialists who work at the European Technology Center develop and apply knowledge, and share the results with ExxonMobil business units all over the world so that they can take a leading position in their respective targeted markets.

In 1989, ExxonMobil launched the European Science & Engineering Program (ESEP). The objective of ESEP is to promote scientific interactions between the company and European universities and research institutions.


ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical BV
Hermeslaan 2
1831 Machelen
Tel.: +32 2 239 3111

Ines and Yuliya take you behind the scenes at our technology center in Brussels. Here, ExxonMobil conducts research to support polymer plant operations and customer demand.

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